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Iskana is one of the fastest growing wholesale cell phone & Tablets distributors in the world. With clients in the United States, Europe, and Asia, the company brings top of the line mobile devices to markets across the globe at a lower rate than the competition.

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With the help of our wide network, we buy the largest brands on the market from the official distributors, then sell to operators, traders, wholesalers, retailers and private companies worldwide.

First Class Customer Service

Our knowledgeable customer support is always ready to help you by phone +46(0)21-20922 or at the email

Over 300 Dealers

We are a fast growing wholesaler with distribution of mobile phones, tablets and computers to over 300 retailers located across Sweden.

Warehouses Worldwide

We are proud of our logistics center. With fast deliveries from our warehouse, we can deliver good service to our customers effectively.

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